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Quick Fry Frozen Pink Salmon

Frozen pink salmon is great to have in the freezer ready for a quick mid-week meal. I like to fry pink salmon and the good news is you can fry it from frozen, so you don't have to worry about takng it out the freezer the day before.

When you buy frozen pink salmon from the supermarket it is usually with each portion in a vacuum bag, this is to protect it from dehydration and rancidity which happens when the flesh is exposed to air, even when frozen. For extra protection the pink salmon will also have a protective ice glaze and you must remove this before frying or the oil will fly! The quickest way to remove the glaze is to run the salmon portions under cold running water and rub them with your fingers. You can tell when the glaze has gone as the surface suddenly feels rough rather than smooth. Once the glaze is off dry the salmon portions with some kitchen towel and they are ready to fry.

Put some oil in the pan and put the heat up high. When the oil is hot place the salmon carefully in the heated oil. You need to still be careful as any water left on the salmon can make the hot oil fly. If the salmon is skin-on cook this side down first. Cook the salmon for about 30 seconds and then turn it over and cook the other side for 30 seconds. This will sear and brown the outside of the salmon but the inside will still be frozen.

Turn the heat down and then cook for approx. a further 6 minutes turning the salmon over half way through. You can tell if the salmon is cooked through as the centre will be opaque rather than translucent or shiny.

I like to add some flavours when I am frying and the in slideshow below you can see the progress from the wrapped salmon to frying with soy sauce, honey and chilli . This makes a very quick easy flavourful salmon dish that can be served with new potatoes and salad for a healthy light dinner.

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