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Why Frozen Pink Salmon?

We thought that we would make this website to try and help people understand about frozen pink salmon. It is a very popular food in the UK and US but consumers know little about it and this sometimes results in it getting a bad press as people think it should be the same as Atlantic salmon, don't understand why it is often processed in China and why it has so much packaging. We hope that this website goes some way to addressing the lack of information about pink salmon. We would also love to hear from people cooking with frozen pink salmon if they have cooking tips or recipes that they like.

We also would like the site to be a bit of fun and will try and put up some interesting information on pink salmon, some more recipe ideas and cooking tips and maybe some competitions or quizzes.

Pink salmon is very popular with children and at the moment everyone is in lockdown and looking for things to do so we have a picture of our logo to be coloured in for fun by right clicking on the image you can copy and print it. We would be delighted if we could see some of the results.

Stay safe.

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